Following the SimFarm and SimCity 2000 release in 1993, 1994 would see two releases SimTower and SimHealth. Sim Health has been regarded as a Hard Sim game, and is one of the rarest even for its time, considering that No one at ONS Gaming has ever played it; SimTower on the other hand has been.

SimTower has a spiritual successor in Tiny Tower & Tiny Deathstar for your mobile phones or tablets.

However they arent as great as the original: SimTower; which was released on Windows, Macintosh System 7, Game Boy Advance(2005, as Welcome to the Tower SP) and the 3DO Console. the objective of the game was to build a tower as tall as you could, each level could fit various stores, recreations, food places, commercial offices, or residential units. In addition to building up you could build down for ultities such as trash compactors and car parking lots.

Each time your tower got to level 49 a new lobby floor (on the 50th) must be built before extending the floors above level 50.

Another spiritual successor is that of Yoot Tower which was made in 1998 by Yoot Saito who worked on SimTower.

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